Some stuff I've built or programmed over the years...

1982 Electric motor
1982 Bench power supply
1982 Intercom system
1983 Stereo Speakers
1984 "Diary Of Anne Frank" stage model
1989 Small MC68008 Computer
1989 RS-232 Data Switch
1990 Self-hosting VAX C Compiler
1991 Camera Shutter Timer
1991 Darkroom Test Strip Maker
1992 Home Control Computer
1992 Telephone PBX
1992 General purpose 8031 board
1997 Remote Reset Gadget
1998 Projection Clock
1999 Simple Linux audio hacks
2000 MP3 Jukebox
2001 Homemade battery packs for Canon S100 digicam
2001 Time-lapse photography with a QuickCam
2001 How to ring a telephone

Silly Stuff

1982 The dump-o-matic!
2000 Rotating light bulb beacon
2001 Hand-cleaner combustion experiment

Also see my Miscellaneous technical stuff page.

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